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Introduction to Ugaritic Culture

The primary task of the Faculty of Reformed Theology at the J. Selye University is to prepare graduates for spiritual and clerical services through the study programme Reformed Theology (combined I. and II. grade of studies) and post-graduate study programme called Theology.  The Faculty also provides studies in the I. and II. grade within the study programme Missiology, Diacony and Social Care, and professional education for the students of the Faculty of Education within the Catechetics study programme.   

The Faculty of Reformed Theology is ready to welcome also those applicants who are not interested directly in church service. The Faculty offers lessons in foreign languages, where Hebrew and Biblical Greek are taught, in addition to Latin, English and German. In addition to Biblical Sciences, we provide lectures concerning the theological interpretation of the Bible and the historical background of its creation, religious sciences, history of philosophy,  history of the church and disciplines of practical theology. As a specific subject we teach dogmatics, but students have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with ethics, confession science, symbolic, and systematic and ecumenical theology.   

The study plan of students also includes musical education involving music theory, spiritual songs, choir singing, and organ and piano playing. During their studies, students undergo legation and practical summer training usually in reformed congregations led by clergymen.  
The Faculty of Reformed Theology participates in several international programmes and is the member of several groupings such as: the “Association of Holland, Central European and East European Theology Faculties”, “Group of Central European and East European Theology Faculties“ (SOMEF), and “Coetus Theologorum”, which embraces all faculties of reformed theology in the Carpathian Valley. 

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